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We have almost zero waste to landfill in our bakery and production. All plastics, glass, tin and aluminium are recycled and everything else is composted.

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Take a peek at Joaney Cam, our two live webcams - one overlooks the yard where our herd of horses live, and the other is installed in a nest box by the bakery.

We support the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and have planted many gorgeous looking and smelling herb and flower beds here at the farm. We wanted as many of the plants as possible to be tasty to humans as well as to birds, bees and butterflies.

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We aim to step as lightly on our environment as we can. Naish Farm's old dairy buildings have been gently adapted to accomodate our bakery and Bee Shack thus Naish Farm still looks and feels like a farm.

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Honeybuns gluten free Bakery is nestled in 5 acres of Dorset countryside which we run as a nature reserve. The 'sward' or pasture is maintained by our motley crew of beloved pony and charismatic donkey. They bring lots of love and affection to our working week and they look a little bit like an off duty circus. Come see them on the pop-up Bee Shack shop days.

See our Bee Green Blog for the latest news.

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