My First Blog

Hello. My name is Emma & I help run Honeybuns bakery in Holwell, Dorset. Today we’ve been quite busy baking a huge amount of cakes which are destined for our wholesale customers in the UK. Things are quite exciterous for us at the moment as we are spending quite a bit of time in our development kitchen working on our new savoury BumbleOs as well as getting our usual orders out on time. They’re kind of funny looking, but taste just a little bit magical. We love our cake but also felt the need for a little bit of balance so we’re sampling each & every experimental variation & we’ve narrowed it down to 2 varieties. The BumbleO mark one will be made with our own polenta, fennel seed & lots of other bits base & will, naturally, be gluten free. We’re then going to use a goo-gorgeous spicy tomato chutney made for us by Em Davies of the Blue Soup Company. The food miles on this are quite good as Em is only half a mile down the lane from us. Toppings wise, we’re going for Denhay award winning cheddar, tomatos & basil.
BumbleO mark two is going to be a smilar base with onion seeds, a layer of our own roasted mushroom & garlic pate & topped with Beech smoked tofu & supa seeds. The seeds taste totally lush & are veeeery good for you.
Mark 2 is gluten and dairy free.As long as we get our act together, the lab reports & freezer tests come back OK, we’ll be ready to launch in Jan-Feb 2007.Honeybuns will not be diversifying into hair brushes, airplanes or telecoms. Just the savoury thingeys & the cakes. You can push a ‘brand’ just that bit too far-
Nick has been here helping us with lots of building maintainance today including fixing all of our antiquated guttering so that it feeds the excess roof water into our old whiskey barrel rain butts. Matt has a bit of a taste for a fine single malt & we seem to have collected quite a few barrels-Matt?? Nick used to farm here at Naish Farm with his dad Tony & it’s really nice having him back to help us with the nitty gritty outdoor stuff that we do not get time to do. Nick is also going to be creating our new wildlife hidey hole corner complete with raised herb beds, wildlife pond, wild meadow etc etc.
Everyone except Matt, Melissa & I have gone home now this evening. Melissa is off to a Screen Bites tasting part of Dorset Food film festival. She’ll be handing out pieces of cakes with Lisa who is one of our longest serving bakers.We’re hoping they’ll have a great time meeting the public & handing them some nibbles before they watch their film. Matt & I will probably work on a bit tonight & catch up on some paperwork. Diesel our rescue alsation is fast asleep behind me in his basket. Peg & Honey are across the yard in the house waiting for us to come & give them a cuddle. I’ll need to go feed all our aged equines before it gets dark too. Time seems to be running away at the mo. i’ll try & do a blog every other day or so to let you know what we’re all up to! Much Love, Em x