Em’s Thursday Blog Sesh

Good morning to everyone. At least it’s not cold & rainy like yesterday.I’ve been flicking through our archive of lush animal-summery photos for blogging & found this lovely one. It’s Honey, our uber laid back mascot enjoying the sounds & the late evening rays at this year’s Bee Hop.She’s wearing her super groovy collar made by Beverley at the aptly named Muddy Dog Company.Beverly is a magician with making the most uterly desirable bags & accessorises from leather & vintage textiles. The Bee Hop theme is because I’ve got to get down to sorting out invitations to traders for next year, writing letters to last yrear’s sponsors & applying for next year’s licence. This pic will possibly motivate me to get this sorted.
When Melissa gets in this morning we’ll all find out how screen Bites has gone. She was busy working with Lisa last night handing out free cake samples. It is only her second week with us and she has taken to our Honeybuns aproach like a duck to the proverbial. Charlotte (overall manager of EVERYTHING) is working really hard in the bakery at the mo. She is normally more office based & has the misfortune to sit next to me. As we are so busy with orders plus we are a couple of bakers down (holiday & illness) she is having to work in a more hands on way-but I think she is quite enjoying it.Trish will be in at 9 am , all full of bubbly smiles, she is an absolute poppett & gets her tasks done like a whirling dervish. Trish tends to customer service things, chatting to customers on the phone or on e-mail & letting people know where they can buy our stuff. It can be a bit confusing to the public as we primarily supply to trade wholesalers who then in turn supply to delis & cafes & so on.Sometimes we get calls asking for a box of cakes direct from us & Trish then needs to explain that we ship in pallet quantities. She can still guide them to where their nearest outlet might be though. Also, we are very chuffed to have been listed by the Local Food Company in Devon, who now sell three of our cakes on line. Dee & Simon have just won the best retailer of the South West award which is so well deserved.
I feel a bit guilty today as I’m taking the morning off (like SUCH a rare event) to go riding with my mate Clare. Sounds a lot posher than it actually is.My horses Billy & Sam are the equine equivalent of Elizabeth Taylor- were once exquisite things of beauty & now still highly strung & demanding but with a myriad of special geriatric needs. We’ll take it really easy & hobble round the block & back. They love going out & peering into everybodys gardens & are very forward going for the first half mile-they forget to pace themselves & can get quite tired so we head them for home after a couple of miles. It keeps Sam’s arthritis at bay & Clare & I can have a good natter. I haven’t seen her for months- she is extraordinarily funny & owns, with hub Joe, a fantasismo pancake shop cafe in Salisbury called Suzettes. Do go in and say Hi & that you know Emma (Honeybuns) I betcha Matt will give you a discount!
Whilst I was enjoying my spa break at NHS Odstock, Salisbury, Carol (a lady in the next bed to me) & I would sneak off drips intact, on the bus & go get a pancake- bliss! We looked like dead people though as we were really pale & Carol wore like a Dracula coloured cape ( her dressing gown cum outside wear). All very amusing. Seems ages ago & it was only this summer, just before our Bee Hop Festy.
Right I’m gabbling now. Will go & groom the nags ready for their outing & sharpen my pencil so that I can jot down all especially incriminating gossip about small food producers from clare-.have a wonderful day, Em x