Friday at Honeybuns

Good morning to everyone. I think this Friday is likely to be quite busy here in on planet Honeybuns. This morning we’re going through more training on a very techy sounding HACCP flow diagram. We basically, as a food business, need to make sure we have a current risk assessment & the appropriate control & monitoring measures in place to ensure our cakes are safe to eat. The challenge is to make HACCP not sound too scary & scientific to the rest of the team. I think it’ll be OK but we’ll probably need to have a few more training sessions before everybody is confident with it. i’ll be doing more training with 2 new members of the team too on things like scrubbing up and gluten free work. It’s all a bit mind boggling for anybody new joining us as there is so much to remember so we break down the training into staggered sections. The rest of the day will be spent responding to customer e-mails & phone calls as well as goofing around in the office & trying to persuade Trish to pop the kettle on.I spend quite a lot of time trying to avoid hauling my well upholstered ass over to the tea/coffee urn. I’m indulged in my morbid laziness to a point but by mid afternoon my turn duly comes to make an assortment of hot chocolates (with cream or without), herbals (teas), fully leaded coffee-all quite confusing.
I’ll also be working with Sara our lovely design consulting lady  on some more promotional ideas. Sara is a joy to work with-very talented & very VERY funny. Charlotte (uber manager), Trish (office babe) Sara & I are off for a weekend in Birmingham which I’m really excited about. Enough of this piffle I need to feed all the creatures great & small before going to the office.Love Em x