Autumn mists & mellowfruitfulness

Top of the morning to everyone! I’ve had a really lush weekend cooking & gossiping with friends on Saturady afternoon & then making a humongous fish pie for pals on the saturday night. Drank way too much vino (again) but it was all god fun. Had a complete day of from food/work on the Sunday & visited family in Devon which was really nice.
So, back to planet Honeybuns. We’ve all been having a good head sratch about how we can become more serious about caring for & even improving our environment & have come up with our Bee Green plan for 2006-7. At the mo. we already recycle all of our alumium foil trays. They are used once to bake in & then discarded. They are collected by the wonderful Poole Adult supported employment team. I’ll check to see if I can pop their group photo on here. They are, with the help of their carers, able to overcome a range of special needs in order to work in the community with their team leaders Angie & Barry.
We have also , on the green theme, created a set aside strip of land as a goldfinch feeding ground. They like thistle heads & other wild seeds. With incomers like Matt & I moving into the countryside, a lot of the ‘scruffy’ bits of land are being tidied up & so the goldfinches were losing out. As we are naturally quite scruffy & defo not part of the smart set, it seemed like a good idea to allow some of the thistles to stay. We do not currently monitor numbers in a co ordinated way but we’ve certainly seen a lot more of these pretty little birds around.
What we are also creating is a demonstrable plan to reduce the bakery traffic to Naish Farm. We will need to invest in more storage space to enable us to buy more ingredients by the pallet & therefore need only one off deliveries each fortnight or month rather than the twice/thrice weekly drop offs we have at the moment.This would obviously improve our own working efficiency & save energy all round! We do not allow arctic lorries on site & also do not allow drops before 8 am or on the weekend but if we could significantly reduce all deliveries this would be good for all of us in Holwell.
As keen road runners & horse riders we are hyper aware at the moment of what a contentious issue traffic in rural areas is. It is unavoidable for all of us but if we can figure out ways of managing it – it can only be a good thing.
The other idea we had was to divert some of the annual Bee Hop funds (our charity festy) to sponsor one of those awesome solar powered ‘slow down you loon you’re in a 30 zone’ signs & pay for the annual insurance on it etc.
We will be popping the completed Bee Green plan on our website & (permission pending) will also pop it in the benefice news to let all Holwellians know what we are thinking.
Where this leaves time to bake cakes I’m non too sure.I’ve gone back to drinking coffee with ONE SUGAR- how retro Ker-a-zzee is that? I’ll be chain smoking Marlbo.s at my desk next. The coffee ‘gives me wings ‘ & I do seem to be packing quite a bit into each day right now.
That’s it for now, Hoping everyone has a supa day, Em x