Honeybuns & Dorset Food Week

Hello everyone,
We are in the midst of our Dorset Food Week experience.Yesterday was great, with a lot more visitors who actually seemed to have planned on coming. Monday seemed like people had come by mistake, leaving us all a bit bemused. Melissa handed out lots of samples, one lady came just to see the animals so she scooted off to our big barn -aka the equine Hilton to say Hello.I’m sure the horses remembered their manners and said hello back-.they are quite bad at speaking with their mouths full though.
I’ve been feeling a bit jittery recently & am putting this down to a slight unease in the bakery team.There’s nothing better than when the team is happy & likewise nothing much worse when the team is not quite gelling.
Losing little Charlotte, who did our full time training in the bakery, has hit us hard & left a bit of a vacuum.
It also feels like we’re due for another step/change in terms of our growth & that’s always a bit unsettling.
Matt & I went to the pub last night & I was highly unpleasant company.I sat there , grim faced, biting my nails & contemplating my own tough lot as a self employed business person-.How utterly boring & self indulgent. This is why I avoid business net working events where people like me either bray & strut (small business person’s proud cockrel affliction- they have a characteristic strut n’ thrust gait) or they moan & groan (myself last night- a prime example).Lots of small business people seem to suffer these symptoms, they can also be delusional & think that there is nothing ‘small’ about their business-I thought the proppa definiton of small business was anything less than a 250 million pound t/o?
instead of moaning to Matt, I’m going to see my pal Catherine this morning for a spot of pain. she is very talented at removing unwanted hair with a ball of warm sugar & has just opened her beautiful treatment rooms in Sturminster Newton, Dorset. This little haven is called Sweet Solutions which I think is apt as I go to have my hirsute issues dealt with & also to drone on about ‘my problems’ & Catherine politely listens & comes up with ‘solutions’ -it’s great value.
The day is then going to be taken up with training & much needed team building exercises.
Tonight Audrey, our very special neighbour, Matt & I are going to give out samples at the Screen Bites film & food festival. The film in question is Chocolat & I’ve not seen it before. Really looking forward to it. i think we’ll go for a nice meal & I’ll try to be more jovial & less grim least Catherine will have removed my moustache.
Love Em x