Wedding Party


apologies for my one sentence blog last week. I thought I’d saved all the text but I’m a bit flakey with computery things-.I will endeavour to improve my blog skills.
Had a lovely weekend in Guildford at a hen night & wedding. Got a bit carried away on the hen night , popped into a hotel disco on the way home & made spectacles of our selves. Trish & Charlotte (Dorset Honeybuns team) were there & Rakel (used to be Guildford honeybun partner with me) also there.
Em, my old school pal (& ex honeybuns) was the most beautiful bride & both bride & groom were gorgeous, friendly & remarkably relaxed on the big day itself.
It’s back down to earth with a bumpety bump now after all the excitment has died down.
Workwise we are interviewing for another full time cleaner to work in the bakery helping the team out with cleaning they cannot get to.Had some really nice sounding applicants so I’m quietly hopeful that we’ll find somebody good. We are also focusing on more training for our new bakery staff.It’s a broken record on this blog, but losing little Charlotte (bakery trainer)has meant we’ve been struggling a bit to support the new team members. When the bakery is busy it is doubly difficult to get around to separate training sessions but we have no option but to interrupt production & get on with it.
I dread the clocks changing as this means a mad scramble each day to get the horses done in very little daylight. I’m not very organised at all so I’m setting myself a challenge to get up just a wee bit earlier in order to fit all the animaux care in before work starts. At least the mornings will be lighter for a bit now.
I’d like to be able to finish the HACCP plan this week as well but I won’t hold my breath. There is a lot going on at the moment & days seem to fly by without much of the to do list getting a look in!
I will not blog tomorrow as I’m a bit concerned about fitting everything into my new winter time routine. I’ll see how timings work: get up- do animals-run-work & figure out how best to insert blog time!
All the Best,