Bee Shack Baby, Yeah

Hello there,
It is gorgeous & frosty down here in Dorsety this morning. I let the dogs, Honey, Peggers & Diesel out for a wee & they went crazy. They legged it into the front field, full of glee & up for playing.
The horses were all rugged up last night-thank God. I’d hate to think they’d get all cold & chilly through the night, especially as they’re all so elderly now. My favourite thing is tucking them in at night & loading them up with carbs-hay in their case.THey half close their eyes & munch away-utter contentment!
We’ll be getting The Bee Shack ready for this Saturday.We are open 11am -5 pm for tea & cakes. Lunches need to be booked so just call 01963 23597 if you’d like to come. We’re doing 2 different warm savoury tarts, sweet poato mash with parmesan, creamy leek gratin, plus hot pud with ice cream. We even give you a glass of wine on the house!
When we went to Ikea, we managed to buy lots of nice items for the kiddies corner of the cafe.Finger puppets, bead games,new crayons- all good old fashioned stuff.THe idea is parents can chill & natter whilst the kiddies are just a few feet away in full view, in their own activity corner.
I’m on a mission to tidy our little office first thing this morning as well. We’ve going to get a cute stove in there which will make things nice & toasty.I brought back some superlicious rugs, chairs & stuff so it should all look groovesome once arranged.
We’ve got an office training meeting today plus a senior production meeting. It will be good to hear what everybody thinks about the new in coming goods area that we’ve just completed. All looks very posh!
Asides from meetings, I’ll be working on HACCP – must get this sorted ASAP & will also being making a start on arrangments for our Honeybuns trip to Tokyo in March- I think they’ll love Honeybuns. If not, at least it’ll be a brilliant opportunity to learn new things.
Have a lovely day,

Em x