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Hello to everyone,
It is intensely foggy here in Dorsety this morning. Any hopes of running with Honey this morning were dashed as I opened the curtains.This meant I could give the equines a bit more attention so it was a good thing really.They seem a bit dopey in all this foggy weather.They cannot trot or canter around the field because they can’t actually see anything!
So far this morning, we have samples a new milk chocolate brownie with a new espresso coffee in it-really, really nice. Yesterday we were treated to warm, straight from the oven BumbleOs. These are brand new savouries which will be launched in Jan-Feb 2007. We like the tomato chutney & Denhay cheddar ones the best.
Sara is working on some really funksome BumbleO wrapper designs-.we need to do a bit more tweaking but she has come up with some lovely ideas.
I’m delaying the drizabone subject of HACCP this morning by :
writing this blog
editing our new website pages which will be going live very shortly.
This afternoon Charlotte & I are holding a training session for newer team members. We did the basic level last week & will be doing intermediate sessions this afternoon & Thursday afternoon.
Better go- have a wonderful Tuesday,

Em x