Team Honeybuns

I’m sneaking in a little crafty weekend blog session as I’m not sure how much time there’ll be to write next week.Orders are cranking up each day as we get nearer to Christmas & it’ll be all hands on deck in the bakery soon.
This last week has been really rewarding.Matt, Charlotte & I have been spending a little time out of the office mapping out our business aims & objectives for Honeybuns next year. I think we must be one of those rare businesses which are bnot really that motivated by £ filthy lucre.We tend to get more excited by our up and coming BeeGreen plans, especially our project of getting more wildlife to make Naish Farm their home.The rewarding bit has been the fact that we’ve been able to lever ourselves away from the coal face of day to day Honeybuns stuff & having an opportunity to think further ahead & afield.
The other big project waiting to be launched is our annual Bee Hop festy. The date for next year is Saturday 21st July & we need to start getting letters out to potential sponsors.
Next week, aside from busy orders, we’ll be focusing on yet more training. I’m sooooo proud of the team who know so much & have worked hard all year. I’m sure our on going in house training helps to keep our team focused,productive & happy.
Sara, our uber talented design lady is popping over first thing on Monday to go through designs for our new savouries.At the mo we’re going with quite a surfy look-.all sounds like a good excuse to pop down into Cornwall to take some surfer boy photos..
The feedback on our new savouries has been mixed as we kind of thought it might be.
The tomato, cheddar & chutney one is well liked but people seem to think the tofu one is too ‘weird’ looking. This is a shame as it really is delicious the snag is it’s so different to anything currently available in the savoury snack market.I think we’ll just have to take a punt, & go for it!
Have a wonderful w’end & next week- if I don’t blog for a while.
Em x