Talented Designer

Had a wonderful Monday morning. Sara came round.She is the lovely ladeeee who does all of our packaging designs.We talked about everything other than packaging for at least 2.5 hours & lost all sense of time & business worries. I think matters were helped by us not being in the office. Instead, we were in the cottage sprawled on a squidgy sofa each covered in sheepskins.Once we’d gotten Iraq, cancer health care, relationships (platonic & other) out of the way we came up with some pretty nifty ideas for our next round of cake boards.We’re trying to source a biodegradable corn based wrapping film at the moment to pop our cakes in.We will also put more info about our community orientated projects onto the packaging.
I think this is defo the way forward for all future ‘business’ meetings-sheepkin covered sofas & lots of fully leaded coffee & no clock.
Sara, Char, Trish & I are going to Birmingham for the weekend in a couple of weeks. Ostensibly this trip is to catch some of the BBC Good Food Show & do all important market research.In reality: shopping,sipping fine beverages & generally having a giggle together away from HONEYBUNS. I’ve given up worrying about whether, as a boss, I should be mixing friends- business-blah te dah.We all get on so well- maximising any opportunity for fun, is my conclusion!
Matt & I live in the old farm cottage with our office being about 25 metres across the yard. The bakery is 15 metres across the other side of the yard.This is great from a non commute point of view & I guess the only potential down side is not being able to get away from work.Hence the need to lose ourselves in lime plaster DIY for the cottage at the weekends or to get right away & visit friends.
Back to Tuesday reality: this morning I need to go through HACCP & start planning another team training session for this afternoon. we’re going great guns on the training at the moment & we all seem to be getting a lot out of it.
The bakery look resplendent after being completely repainted at the weekend- it looks like a hospital operating theatre in its gleaming white glory! Richard, Melissa & Carla kindly came in on Sunday to do it & we had a nice cooked brekkie-brunch in the Bee Shack.
Lots of maintainance jobs are getting done too; like extra solar powered security/safety lights being fitted, new racking for incoming goods being fitted & repairs to our posh floor cobvering. All being to look really good & the team really appreciate it when all the annoying jobs actually get done!
Speak soon,
Em x