Back in the Saddle

Hi there,

I’m back from my week long stay at Salisbury Hospital.I’m so grateful to everybody including Claire (health support worker), Irish Jane (night shift nurse), Jill (in charge of our bay & Mr Masood (surgeon). Everybody on Laverstock ward was sooooo lovely.I tried to make best use of my time in there & read Max Clifford’s autobiography.Not somebody I would have thought was anything other than a sleazy PR dude Although I was keen to get back to work it was also a little sad saying good bye.
So back to work & I’m trying to take things a little easier though it is difficult not to in our little open plan office. If I disappeared for a ‘little post op lie down’ I’d feel such a slacker!!
At the moment we’re working on the final bits of our audit preparation. Audit D Day is December 11th December. The bakery & packing room are glistening with new paint,we’ve had a new walkway built from the bakery back door to the new blast chiller where we keep our eggs & butter. Our brand new incoming goods room has come into its own & now enablews us to buy many more ingredients by the pallet.As well as being more economical this also means we require less deliveries of ingredients as we can get more dropped of at a time.We’re veryu keen on getting the vehicular count down-it’s all part of our BeeGreen programme for 2007 & beyond!
Japan & our first exhibition over there is looming on the horizon. We think we have found a willing student to help us with this project. She is from the local Gryphon Comprehensive school & will be coming in a day-a day & a half per week to sort out all the organisational bits & pieces- hotels, flights, freight forwarding, display panels etc etc.I think it’ll prove to be a great project for a switched on sixth former whose organisational skills can only be better than mine!
Just had an ace call from a chap who had eaten a gluten free cranberry & pecan flapjack on a GNER train. He said it was amazingly delicious-cool huh? I love it when people say things like that AND take all that time to get in touch.
Next week we’ve got: bakery equipment MOT overhaul planned for things like our mixers, the oven, etc plus yes more training, preparation for our next Bee Shack Cafe day, Sat, 2nd December serving hot to trot luncheons.
We’re laso going to be planning in some detail the packaging for our new BumbleO savoury munchie-can’t wait.
Hope you all have magic weekend,
Em x