Gluten Free Cookie Recipe

Hi again,
It’s been an ace week so far. We’ve been having a little bit of a sales & customer service push in the office. Sales went a bit through the roof during September & October but took one heck of a nosedivearooney last week. It is quite motivating when the figures go haywire-kind of focuses the mind somewhat! Melissa, Trish & I will be working on the phones for the rest of this week in an attempt to get things on an even keel again. I think it was probably just a randomly bad week, and orders are quite strong for this week-thank goodnessly.
I think one or two fairly weighty contracts are coming our way in the New Year which is great news. We are no longer in the scary position of being overly dependent on any one customer & I really hope we stay that way. I feel at the moment that I’m getting business light bulbs going off in my head all the time at the moment. If our gorgeous new eco bakery is going to get started in 2007 I need to wake up and get some mega volume orders in. I think I’ve been a bit daydreamy over the past 18 months but I’m ready for a bit of a growth spurt now.
We’re progressing on the savoury BumbleO tweaking. The base needs to be a gluten free foccacia consistency without using yeast- quite a challenge but we’re kind og getting there.
Sara-lush dush design lady is coming over tomorrow which is always good. She is working on some groovy ideas for us at the mo.
We’re also planning to do a bit of PR for next year. We’ve left this alone for the past year but need to try & achieve some press coverage again.It is quite satisfying growing & developing the business & spending any left overs on :
Our rescue animal feed bill-horrendously high
All of our slightly off beat eco ideas
It’s ace sometimes! Mind you if sales are limp again next week I might start biting my nails.
Here is the amondi (gluten free cookie) recipe if you want to eat these on their own they’re lovely. Or, rip them up & use them for the chocabloc, yesterdays recipe.
Makes about 15
500grm light golden sugar
400grm ground almonds ( we toast almonds then magi mix for better flavour)
25 grm orange zest
4 free range egg whites
1 tspn Boyajian orange oil

Whisk the egg whites into really stiff peaks.
Add rest of ingredients to the whisked egg whites.
Mix all together til you get a buttery yellow & quite sticky dough.
Form snooker ball sized balls of dough & plop them into a bowl of icing sugar to dust them
then place each ball onto a baking tray covered with silicon paper/greasproof.
Make sure they’re well spaced.
Squish each ball with a pallette knife til they’re 1.5 cm ish thick.
We do this in a criss cross pretty way but it takes a bit of fiddling!
Pop whole almonds (skin on) on top of each squished cookie.
Bake for approx 18 mins at 350 F /180 deg c til golden on the bottom et voila!
They are de -lish eathen after supper with coffee. Very sweet though & it is a good option to make mini diddy ones too- just reduce baking time to about 10mins.
Laterz, Em x