Buzz gig Holwell

Hi to everyone,
Well what a nice weekend we’ve had. We were fully booked for lunch at the Bee Shack on Saturday-well OK we do just 12 covers but it’s still really cheering for us. We were sampling our tricksy new savoury BumbleO & it went down reall, really well which is a huge relief because it has been an ABSOLUTE bugger to get right. We’ve gone for a softer base rather than our original savoury shortbread biscuit idea.
We just need to get our packaging guy to hurry up with the samples of biodegradable cardboard samples. We need to figure out the packaging pretty darn quickly. We’ve settled on the logo, which is FABAROONEY & we’re holding a BumbleO party in Jan 07. I think I’ve mentioned this before, sorry, my memory neurons are frazzled.
Matt, the financial & organisational genius behind Honeybuns, is playing a free gig with his band, Buzz ( well not his band , I just mean the band Matt plays in). They are really talented & play a range of covers from Chili Peppers to K T Tunstall. It’s on Friday, 22nd December, anybody nice is welcome & there’ll be free nibbles (Honeybuns stuff) & limited mulled wine. The general idea is to bring your own vin rouge & a packed supper & supplement with the freebies we can offer.
It’s not being done for anyother reason than to have fun.
For the location , please call Matt or I on 01963 23597.
It should be a really nice night.
Tomorrow promises to be mega busy as we approach the final run into Christmas. Our Richard has done a grand job on site maintainance over the past few weeks & everything is gleaming & up & together. Fingers crossed for our audit on 11th December.
Animal news: they’re all in fine fettle & because we’ve had sunshine, Sam & Joan have been enjoying more turn out time in the front paddock. We can watch them playing from the office & our productivity tends to slide-just a little bit!
See you soon & please do ring if you’re up for the Buzz gig,
Em x