Gluten Free Savouries

We’re really pleased with the new, new, properly finished Savoury BumbleO protoype that was road tested at the Bee Shack this weekend. General consensus from our Bee Shack tasting panel was that it is delicious so we’re really looking forward to getting the bio degradable cardboard baking cases sorted-.then we’ll be flying!
Charlotte is a genius on the product development side of things & has been really patient on this project. We’ve approached the savoury snack idea from all angles & there have been a few blind alleys & disappointments along the way.
This week is a little light on orders which is a bit of a bummer. We all seemed a bit tense today for different reasons I think. Matt was fretting about one of our mixers having broken & there not being enough work for our packing team, Char was coincerned about our fast approaching audit-next Monday-eeeeek & I was mostly agitated about lack of sales.Sales are often a little weird in November- early December. It’s as if people are thinking ‘I cannot splurge on anything-.must focus on pressies’ & we, as purveyors of unnecessary luxury sweet nothings, tend to feel the draught.
Nevermind, it gives us an opportunity to catch up on training which I can start tomorrow afternoon. The morning will be spent on the phones with Trish & Melissa,to try & get sales on the onwards & upwards again.
If you missed yesterdays blog please check out Matt’s gig happening on Friday, 22nd DEcember. Previously I said 7.30 pm, well it’s now going to be 8-10 pm. Migt see you there!
Em x