Hello there,
We had a ovely Monday in the office going through the photographic evidence of the team party on Saturday. All quite harmless in fact, but very funny. I’ve promised those involved not to mention any names-You can breathe a little easier now AH & MJB..
Our new savoury BumbleOs are so very near completion. We just need to tweak the bases a tiny bit & we should be there.They’re a touch doughy at the moment but nothing that a little extra beaten free range egg won’t sort out.We sent out over 50 slices of BumbleO to various different testers & we are delighted with how many took the trouble to write back with lengthy notes & constructive criticism.Maria at Gold Hill Organic Farm Shop was particularly helpful & she knows an awful lot about food.
This morning we’ll have our senior meeting & office meeting which will sort the details out for over the Christmas break.Quite a few of the team are up for working between Christmas & new Year.
Matt & I are following our plan for 2007 & beyond- to take more time off & travel around for inspiration. We did this in September when we went to Spain & worked with the office in the mornings using broad band.We’ll be in France from 27th Dec -3rd Jan, with friends staying at the farm to look after les animaux.
It enables the team to work on their own & Charlotte is more than capable of managing everyone.It also (hopefully) keeps Matt & I refreshed & full of new ideas. Once we’re away from the bakery we seem to burst out with lots of new inspiration.I find that it’s a lot easier to think mid to long term when you are away from the coal face.
On Friday we’ll all be at the free Buzz gig in Holwell . Please do call 01963 23597 if you’d like to know more. Everyone is welcome & hopefully Christmas will start with a swing.I must admit I do not feel all that Christmassy yet.
See you soon
Em x