Honeybuns Christmas


it is a gorgeous morning here in Dorsety today. I’m in the office in the cottage which is the only place I seem to be able to concentrate for long enough to write this blog!It’s lovely & calm & the sun is streaming through the wonky windows.
We had great news yesterday. Following on from our food safety audit last week we discovered we had passed at the highest level with the consultant’s summary ‘ The standards in terms of hygiene and food safety procedures were very high indeed. The team are clearly commited to the highest levels of food safety and quality’. I’m really proud of everyone & am making some newsflash slips with the news on for all to read today.
We are holding our team awards in the Bee Shack this Friday afternoon. Voting slips go out this afternoon with prizes going to:
1. Outstanding achievment
2. Coolest dude under pressure
3. (This is the top one) – The kindest person
I need to figure out the prizes today & get them wrapped up.
We’ll also have a bit of a mini party with all the usual nibbles.It’ll then be full steam ahead for the preparation for Matt’s Buzz gig at 7.30 pm on the Friday.
I think some of the Honeybuns team will be there plus a lot of new faces. Melissa in the office has been doing a grand job of distributing Buzz flyers everywhere!
Orders are very slow now & we’re kind of winding up for the holiday. We have a Bee Shack cake sales day this Saturday which should hopefully finish the year off nicely.We’ll be just doing hot drinks & cakes. The lunches will resume in the New Year. We already have bookings for 6th Jan, so that’s encouraging.
I’m on a quest to find out more about my hero Keith Floyd. I’ve just ordered ‘Out of the Frying Pan’ on Amazon & I’m really hoping it arrives in time for Xmas reading.
We’re enjoying Nigella’s Xmas- plumptious poussin- series enormously.It is pure escapism for me anyway. I’m not sure I’d ever get round to cooking a poussin each for a supper party of girlfriends-.we’re more jacket potato kind of gals. Highly gorgeous & decadent to watch though.
See you soon,

Em x