Hi Edward!

Hello there,

We all had a lovely time at the Buzz gig last night. It would have been great to see more people there, but, in fairness, it was a horrendously foggy evening.I can fully appreciate why flying from Heathrow would not be such a hot thing to do right now-
A huge thanks to all our friends who did brave the grim weather, Edward, Sheila, John, Dave, Trish, Catherine, Paul, Melissa , Chris, Aud, Katrina, Bob, Jo & Marghuerita, Linda & Tracey to name a few. It made a huge difference to the evening & the band really appreciated your support. By all accounts Buzz were brilliant too! Everyone there said they thought they were excelent.
Thanks very much indeedy to Sam as well who did the sound for them. Sam is studying music at Guildford & volunteered to do all the sound engineering at last year’s Bee Hop.There is no way our humble festy could have stretched to hiring someone with Sam’s skills.
The team awards were a good craic yesterday. All the pressies were given out & Os won ‘Best person in a crisis’ & well deserved too. Aaron won ‘outstanding Achievement’. The progress he has made from shy (but massively cheeky) schoolboy to his current position as storeman at 17 yo bears testament to his maturation & professional development. For 2 years running, Julia has won the highest Honeybuns accolade ‘The Kindest Team member’- she is a very worthy winner & a lovely person to have on our team.Well, with the run up to Christmas in full- on- gallop, Matt & I are relishing having some quiet -non- Honeybuns time on the farm. I’ve been making extra deep pile beds for the horses this afternoon & catching up with friends on the phone.I never feel like phoning anyone during a working week, I think it’s because a lot of our work is now phone based. I’m often on a bit of a guilt trip when I’m focused on work stuff & can’t enjoy a good natterama.
We’ll do a little tiny bit of work over Christmas namely: fine tuning the savoury BumbleO & applying to have a stall at Glastonbury 2007. We’d like to take our mobile cafe there again & treat it as a bit of a holiday like we did in 2004 & 2005.
Tonight is the calm before the storm of our Christmas social activity. If I were sensible (which clealy I am not by the amount of mulled wine I imbied last night-quel surprise) I’d be wrapping pressies & getting up & together. Instead, I’ll be watching Nigella’s Christmas on Sky Plus & eating a giant Christmas edition Yorkie Bar-all very trashy but I feel a real need to chill.
Above all, I love the way Nigella says ‘supermarket’ she can make even this reviled destination sound luscious & exclusive!
A close second would be ‘plumptious poussin’
Better go & wash the equine wood shavings out of my hair & get down to some serious snuggling time.
Wishing you all a fabulously cosy & Happy Christmas & a lush 2007
Love Em xxx