Happy New Year from Honeybuns!

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a fabulous Christmas & we all wish you a very happy New Year too.
We’re just clearing the decks in our cottage- we had a lovely snuggly Christmas & the evidence of chatty, tipsy evenings by the log fire is all around- wrapping paper, satsuma skins, all the usual festive detritus.
Matt & I went for our Christmas morning run & as it was the first physical exertion for me since my op I was a little concerned- but all went really well. It was the slowest time by far that I’ve ever done my (Buckshaw’ route, but nothing fell out, all wounds are intact & still healed so I was really chuffed.I’d like to get back into a regular every other day run routine. Not running has had quite a crushing effect on my happiness levels. Not to get too heavy in this blogule, but I’m prone to a little bit too much introspection & need to keep an eye out for the dreaded ‘black dog’. Running, animals, friends & a splash of red wine seem to do the trick.
I’ll not be blogging til the first week of the New Year. Matt, myself & much loved friends, Mal, Rak & Andrew are heading off to France tonight to chill, cook, run & watch otters (hopefully they’ll be around again this year).
We’ll also be listening to the kind of dance music we should have grown out of years ago.
Then it’ll be all hands on deck for quite a fast paced Honeybuns start to the year. We’ll be sending our Glastonbury traders application off- the deadline is 5th Jan. Then we’ll be prepping for our exhibition to Tokyo & making sure we get our cakes off to San Fransisco on time too.We’re hopeful of extending to trading in far off shores & will keep you posted on how this develops.
The savoury BumbleO is really dividing people at the moment. We seem to have created a little love or hate it Marmite type of monster. Launching it will be challenging & fun!
Lots of love, Have a great New Year,
Em , the animals, the team xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx