Honeybuns Savoury Product

Hello again,
We’ve now cracked the product development for our brand new quirkily gorgeous new savoury line. We’ve tweaked the savoury, gluten free flatbread base to give it just a little more softness.This was done by adding an extra free range egg to the base mix. We’ve also used onion seeds in the base for a lovely flavour & have therfore not needed to use any added salt in the recipe.
We’ve used fabulous dried basil the quality is ammmaaaaazing & comes from a lovely company, ‘Norfolk’s Finest Herbs’.Looking at all the feedback forms we’ve now had back, well over 100 responses, people either really like it or they -really don’t. This is the reaction we prefer. If we polarise opinion, we know the product is likey to have a loyal core fan base.It would have been quite disappointing if people had responded with an average ‘it’s OK’. The BumbleO is never going to have a mass market appeal- at least we don’t think so! By continuing our gluten free approach we do tend to put off those people who think ‘gluten free-eeuurrgh, I’m not eating that muck!’. On the other hand, we have plenty enough enlightened and extremely satisfied customers who are eagerly awaiting the launch of the savoury BumbleO.We prefer to take a few risks with any new product by making sure it is innovative as well as delicious & conscientiously created. As always, it’ll be fun to see how fast our competitors start to copy it-.there is a certain ENORMOUS cake factory who,allegedly, have ripped off quite a few of our recipes, including our cult classic the Congo Bar. Happily the imitation is sooooo obviously not the real thing.We continue to be flattered by their interest.
The biodegradable packaging for the BumbleO is proving a bit of a bum to source.There are lots of technical aspects to get right & we are still not there yet. The launch is pencilled in for this Spring, with fingers crossed there are no more packaging hitches.
Today has been quite focused, we’re working on lots more new contracts for 2007 & it is looking set to be quite a busy start to the New Year. This is unusual because it does tend to go a bit flat after Christmas.The office is full of unusually quiet people all concentrating on their own projects & everything is long will it last? Not sure but I’m making the most of it.Our Bee Shack Cafe is open for light lunches this Saturday, so please do call to reserve a place- you can try the BumbleO!
Em xx