Free (almost) festival

Hi there!
Well we had a bit of a blinder of a day yesterday.melissa was back to sales work after a couple of days off & my goodness she was motoring!!I think she’d had some kind of rocket fuel for breakfast judging by how much sales work she got done. Our office team are so lovely, we are very different but all seem to understand each others quirks & foibles & we always manage to have a good giggle- usually around 3 pm when our blood sugars are doing crazy things.
We’ve managed to negotiate some really nice new pieces of work. I’ll not divulge which companies until it’s all bedded down a bit. Just to say we’ll be working with a highly regarded ethical on line wholesaler & retailer.We want to work with like minded & like motivated people (ie it’s not all about the money) so this was a great start to the year.
Trish is in today-so plenty of giggles today methinks.We’ve got Charlotte in anti sneeze training ready for Tokyo which Tickles Trish something chronic.
Workwise we’ll still be on sales sales sales & we’re also gearing up on preparation for our Bee Hop Festival. It’s on Saturday, 21st July 2007. It’s ALMOST FREE. only 4 quid a ticket & under 16s for free. Lots of great live music: hip hop, reggae, popular covers, folk, acoustic guitar etc. I need to secure some sponsorship for it pronto. Please do check out the Bee Hop page on our website for more info.It’s all for charrridddeeee & is a great, chilled out gem of a festy. No officious rules, no rude traffic marshalls, no rips offs- infact the overall kerfuffle rating is very low & it scores maximum on the chill out ometer. Please do spread the word- amongst nice friends & family who will not be averse to popping a fiver into the Church roof/village hall charity bucket.People who like to drink cocktails, like animals & love deckchairs- all very welcome.
This morning Matt said, ‘Mate, are Rosie & Bee (our 2 ponies) supposed to be in the garden?’ NO!!!! fortunately they’d come to no harm & we think in the gale we had last night had blown the gates open from their field. Very fortunately Billy-I’m so blonde & used to be a race horse- Custard was tucked up in his barn last night otherwise things could well have turned out a little more hectic!
Off for a blustery run around the block now & will then settle down to proppa work. We’re looking for a camper van to take Honeybuns on tour with this summer- if you’re looking yourselves check out the gumtree website on google, lots of secondhands ones on there!
See you soon,
Em x