Gluten Free Cakes

I hope the wind is not too bad for anyone tonight. it is mighty blustery here in Holwell this evening.It feels like our thatched roof is going to blow off at any minute! I shan’t be long blogging tonight. I’m off to my friend Audrey’s for a large G&T in a moment. Been one hell of a day or two. Had some incredibly sad personal news which has left Matt & I shell shocked but life has a habit of bowling the odd googly doesn’t it?
Animals wise: all is good. The equines will be waiting for their tea, I’m a bit late tonight. They’ve got a brand new sack of carrots this week to ease the mid winter blues.The Dogs are great as always. Had our friend Jonathon round this Monday to take loads of work (cake etc photos) & he also took some uber lush shots of Honey looking imperious in her basket.We’ve actually seen her faking it when she is let out for a wee. She is so averse to getting her undercarriage cold that she hovers, then checks if we are looking. If she thinks she has conned us she doesn’t do a wee but just hurtles back to the aga-.sneaky ginger princess big stylie!!!
The photos (of Honey-& the cakes) will appear on the website shortly- they are the best we’ve had done yet- really imaginative.Jonathon is such a laugh to work with & looks uncannily like Rick Stein-
Workwise, Matt & I went up to London yesterday for a meeting about Tokyo. All was good & the ‘no sneezing thing’ is not a wind up-poor Charlottey!
Today Trish & I went to meet some customers & they loved our new Bumbleo gluten free pizza/quiche thing despite the fact that it cannot be pithily described!
A major retailer is interested too, so Char & I are off up to Londinium again next Wed. It will be a good shoe buying opportunity whatever the outcome. I think we might get time to pop to the National Gallery for the George Stubbs exhibition too-.unless we get overcome with excitment in Top Shop.(quite likely)
Better go. Keep safe & well in this foul beelzebub weather,
Em x