Honeybuns plans

Matt & I went out for a lovely curry last night, well it was our anniversary, which we both just remembered in the nick of time!
It was really nice to get out of the house, much as we love where we live it can get a bit intense -the whole living on the job thing. As we always seem to, once away from work, we came up with lots of new dreams & plans both personally & for Honeybuns. We are on a mission to grow Honeybuns responsibly in order to fund our dream eco bakery. We are ready to find a good architect to advise & it is getting closer to reality.Exporting our cakes to new markets is also an ongoing project. They are already shipped to Ireland, France & Hong Kong & we are researching the Canadian market at the moment.We’re also determined to see even more of our friends this year. It is definitely one of the key things in life that brings us happiness. We’ve got lots of pals already to booked into stay with us & I’m going to enjoy spoiling them all- displaced maternal instinct methinks!
Today I’m going to get a quick morning run in, I’ll leave at about 8.30 am & be ready to start work at 9.30am. I’m having proper rest days between runs. In my yoof I used to get a bit compulsive & went out training all the time- the arrogance of the young! I now just love getting out, getting some fresh air, being with nature & all that.I’m really looking forward to when Honey & I can go out in the summer evenings & go deer watching.They tend to come out to feed at dusk & are just magical to watch.Honey quivers with excitment but has never even made a move to chase them- I think we’ve pretty much humanised her!
Charlotte & I will be ordering lots of new nest boxes soon to pop all over the farm in strategic places to build on the already growing feathery visitors we get.If Matt will let us have it on the budget, we’re also after a nest box camera which we can display on a screen in our Bee Shack cafe.How cool is that? We’d like to have it in the office but I’m fairly certain this would adversely affect productivity.
I’ll be busy on sales & account managment all this week whilst Charlotte takes the strain by running this week’s team training & conducting reviews.
I’d best before I miss my running slot, I then need to check the equines before getting stuck into Honeybuns tasks for the day. No rest for the wicked!
em x PS: do not forget- our Bee Shack Cafe is open this Saturday. It is fully booked for lunch but anyone is more than welcome to pop in for drinks & cakes.x