Change of plan


Char & I had to reschedule our trip to Bristol’s Fresh & Wild store today. We’ll be doing it in a few weeks time. We’ll be going to Clapham, Notting Hill, Camden & Stoke Newington Fresh & Wilds over the next two weeks which we’re looking forward to. Cath & Julia will be taking these over when Julia gets back from hols.
This morning will be spent with Cath making sure these tasting sessions are all booked in & that the stores are happy with what we propose to do. We can then pre book train tickets & get everything tickety boo & organised.
Following on from that, I’ll be doing a mixture of sales, account managment & marketing today.We’re possibly going to be featured in Source, the new John Lewis magazine which I’m keeping my fingers crossed for.
Although it seems a long way off we have started to organise the Bee Hop & have alread got started on artwork designs for all the publicity materials. We’ve attracted some generous sponsorship which we’re delighted with.Thank you to Sprinter couriers, Building Bridges, Moormead Leisure & South West Packaging. We still have a way to go though & have a meeting next week about some possible grant money that we might be able to qualify for. This would really take the strain off Matt & I who have historically stumped up the 2-3k shortfall. It would be nice this year to get the Bee Hop self sufficent financially by means of sponsorship & community angled grant money.
We’ll see how things go.
Musically we are thrilled: The Ladybirds jazz band are returning by popular request. They travel all the way up from Cambridge & have never charged a fee.
Boy Le Monti are playing their second year & will be doing 2 sets of funky reggae-ska. Urban Idyll are also playing a second time with angelic vocals & hip hop.
There will be around 8 live bands through the afternoon & early evening giving way to DJ sounds. The sound system will be switched off at midnight. It did go on a bit last year & was awesome but we need to respect the neighbours & keep to midnight!
Our new marketing materials did arrive yesterday & are lovley. They are standeyuppie thingies for cafe tables. We’ve got loads dotted around the office & they’ve got lots of cool photos on & info about what we do on them.
Workwise I think that is a wrap.
Animals are well. Joaney & Sam had a good turn out yesterday in the front paddock. The equines all look reassuringly chubby for this time of year with the exception of Rosie. She is in her late twenties & is beginning to show her age now. She has lost a lot of weight off her back end but we’re hoping the Spring grass will pop a bit of meat back on her.
Socially a group of us are descending upon Sherborne for drinks & a curry on Saturday which should be good fun. A splinter group of us are planning to go running cross country on Sunday-if we were not too over exuberant on the Saturday!
Have a lovley weekend,
Em x