Cakes Forever!

Hello there,

After rather stooopidly announcing that I haven’t had a cold for ages, i’ve now got a real stinker.All achey limbs & a hot, light headed feeling-.well the light headed dizziness is nothing new as some of my colleagues would argue-
Still had a good day though. Trish kindly agreed to drive me up to Northampton for a meeting whih I really enjoyed. The potential client really loved our products including our savoury BumbleO which we were delighted about. He loved the cakes & appreciated the anglo italian vibes which we aim for in flavour & texture. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he might order.Chatting with Trish was hugely entertaining as usual & time veritably raced by.
It was a bit funny, after chatting away & the meeting was fininshed I felt all funny & whoozy again.Adrenaline gets you so far & then it really is time for a hot water bottle & a duvet snuggle down.
Consequently, when we got back I headed for the sofa & Honey attempted to be the all embracing canine hot water bottle! She really is the most thoughtful of hounds.
Tomorrow I’m going to take things a bit easy, do a bit of Bee Hop work & try & get into the ‘creative zone’ for the best part of the day. The last couple of weeks have been taken up with pretty intense ‘pitching’ & I personally feel like having a bit of a change this week.We had a nice call from Holwell Nursey in our village & they are going to bring the little ones up for a little bakery tour & a juice drink in the Bee Shack Cafe.The team will take good care of them & show them all the charlie & the chocolate stylie things we do.
Matt & I are up to Chorley, Lancs to see one of our wholesalers this Friday. The MD is mad on camper vanning & is going to take us to a nearby camper van centre so that’ll be helpful as we are still hoping to get one for Easter time. We’re also going to see my dad & his beloved lurcher, Banjo & then onto my bro, wife & baby, Angus so really looking forward to a good familial catch up. Just hope the weather is as glorious as last weekend & that my germs are gone & I do not pass them to anyone else.
Will hopefully blogule aggain tomorrow,
Em x