Bee Hop Festival

I feel a bit of a wimp at the moment. I can’t shake this horrible virus I’ve got & I’m letting everyone know how grotty I feel. I feel absolutely zonked by lunch time & have to leave work & sleep.
Hopefully all the germs will be gone in time for the weekend as I was really looking forward to catching up with family, especially our nephew Angus.
On the plus side, Charlotte & I have got started on some of the serious infrastructure of the Bee Hop Festival ( -.we’ve started on making the festival bunting & very pretty it looks too. It is a really relaxing thing to do, cutting out wobbly triangles of retro coloured cloth using dodgy takes you right away from the cut & thrust of business life! Trish has leant us her Singer sewing machine, so over the next few weeks there’ll be a low level hum of activity around the Naish Farm dining table as we get everything stiched & sorted.
We’re trying to avoid the annual Bee Hop stress- bottle- neck by getting as many of the fiddly jobs done as possible during the ‘grotty’ months of Jan-Feb.This involves making bunting by the mile, sewing up fabric flags for the creche, kiddies race area, the art trail etc etc.
The bands we have lined up & have all very kindly given firm confirmations. This relieves us of a lot of guess work: ‘who is defo coming ,who might be’ etc.To have most of the band slots filled so early on makes organising the rest of the day a lot more straightforward.We can offer all the bands really excellent free catering this year including back stage bubbly to say thanks for them not charging us their normal appearance fees.We do the Bee Hop for charity so there is no way we could the event without the bands’ help.If we can get them a bit tiddly, we’ll then quickly ask them about Bee Hop 2008-
We are in the final furlong to completing our bumbleO savoury launch.The cheese has been the really tricky thing to get spot on. All will be revealed next week.
I’ll be off ( if this bug has gone) from Thursday teatime & will be back to regular blog duty & all things Honeybuns next Monday.
I hope no one suffers too much with the forecasted heavy snow & that we all stay toasty & warm & have a luscious weekend,
Em x