Busy Bees

Hi there,
I hope everyone had a lush weekend. We just did a fair amount of pottering.Matt was busy catching up on lots of fiddly maintenance jobs in the bakery like adjusting the chain on the flow wrap machine & repairing a fly screen to one of the windows.I concentrated on catching up with e-mails & focusing on getting our press release for Japan sorted.On the fun side, I slipped out on a shopping flit to Shaftesbury. There is a great shop there called Grand Illusions & I’d had my eye on an old, knackered looking chandelier type thing- very rustic & hard to explain. I bought it to pop in our medieval middle room which now looks like something from the set of Tom Jones! I really am looking forward to getting the cottage looking all snug & welcoming because on Valentines my 5 lovely girly friends are coming over for eats, drinks & pretty things. If I get some night lights sorted for the rustic contraption the room is going to look splendidly twniklesome!
I’ve also been really enjoying worrking with Sara again (graphic designer) on lots of new stuff which looks sublime. We’re working on packaging for our new ‘Babycakes’ trays. They look adorable. For their launch we also need postcards to send out to all the retailers-the design for these is just undergoing some tweaking & again, Sara has done us proud.
I’m going to be working away on sales again but am looking forward to meeting my friend Moira for lunch in Dorchester. She owns the wonderful Dorset Pastry Company & makes the MOST divine organic products known to man, woman or beastie.We periodically meet up and swap any new leads/ wholesaler information/ gossip- all good for business & the soul!
Went for a couple of runs at the weekend but felt like my legs were leaden- I’m fairly sure it must be because I was out of action last week.I’ll have a rest tonight and then try going out again Tuesday. We are hoping to get a Honeybuns runnning team together for the Sturminster Half Marathon too. The pressure is on & Matt is taking the training quite seriously- competition could be fierce.
Animals are all well & They are just getting a teensy bit bored of the foul muddy weather.I’ll probably just let them out into the crew yard today- it gets scary when they leap around in the paddock & it is sooo wet. There is a real danger they could do themselves an injury. When it is wet the yard is a much safer bet.The joys of February UK animal care!
Wishing you a lovely day,
Em x