what a weekend!! Trish Matt & I headed off to see our new wholesale customer in Dublin this Friday, they were lovley & treated us so well. We went to see a couple of retail outlets selling our cakes & then went for lunch in a very impressive retail place called Avoca- full of bee Shack like touches: funky pastel acid coloured parasoles inside, decorative bird cages, loads of fairy lights and so on.I felt like my head was bursting with ideas & inspiration & this was just the lunch venue! The food was impressive too.
After a very interesting meeting with Jason & Freda in the afternoon, we headed back to the hotel and ‘schlumped’. We were knackered & any thoughts of painting the town a gawdy colour disappeared with along with our first pint in the hotel bar. We had a few drinks, got very giggly & had a peaceful, chatty time- in stark contrast to Sat night-.more of which in a minute.
On the Saturday we maxed out the sightseeing opportunities by getting the bus into town from our hotel. Our hotel was lush but the area was quite dodgy, it looked a bit like Beirut, missing front doors, boarded up windows etc. We thought getting the bus in would give us a double decker view of the real Dublin- this it most certainly did.We were all unusually quiet as hooded yoofs got on at each stop & glowered.
When we got into the centre we got the soft, fluffy proppa tourist bus & did the whole tour to the zoo, Oscar Wilde’s birthplace, the natural history museum etc. We then went to visit the nat history museum which was fantastic- loads of skeletons of giant Irish deer- they were massive!
Sat night we just could not have made this up- ended in Matt moving his chair out to sit back down & doing the classic accidental jogging of a young man’s elbow.We were in a very busy pub in Templ Bar. Matt, of course, apologised straightaway but this was not enough apparently. The guy punched Matt in the face from behind as Matt was sitting down. Matt, being a very gentle & wise soul, was left rubbing his hurt chin wondering just what the hell had happened. I, on the other hand, had seen all of it & the guy then trying to get away with it by casually melting into the group he was with. I kind of experienced a protective mother tiger moment & went after him, I was absolutely outraged that someone would hurt my husband or anyone else dear to me come to that.
Fortunatley the bouncers came & sorted the nutter out & he was ejected with all his gak snorting pals (or so we suspect). What a kerfuffle. Looking back it was quite amusing but it also could have gotten very messy. Just because a young buck in designer clothes was accidentally knocked by our lovely Matt- the LEAST aggressive person on the planet, we end up in the midst of a Dublin bar brawl.
We had, by this time, met a lovley Irish chap called Michael & he reaasured us that it was unusual etc etc & took us away to another folk music type of a place.A huge thank you to Michael & we all hope you get in touch with us.
We fininshed the evening off when we got back home to Dorset by having a lovley supper of black bream & roasted mediterranean veggies at Trish & Dave’s. Dave was tickled by the account of events & I think all we can do is to consign it to the very funny moments box.
Onwards and upwards for today I hope. We have lots of work to sort out, samples are going out like cerazzzzeee this week & there is quite a bit of Bee Hop festy stuff to sort too.
See you all later, have a lovely day,
Em x