Bird Watching


I hope everyone is having a lovley weekend. Matt & I met up with old friends in Bath yesterday for a bit of rugby, supper and drinks, it was really good fun & great to get away from Planet Honeybuns for a bit of fresh air & inspiring conversation.The meal was rubbish though. I’ll not say where it was because it might have been a one off bad day- but it was truly grim. My starter was poshed up sardines on toast & very nice it could & should have been.The sardines were bland as anything. The toast was soggy & the tomato sauce looked & tasted like cheap tomato puree- I thought the meal was quite pricey too at £30 for a main & starter.Grumpy git bit over.It’s just that I LOVE food & it is so disappointing when it is done badly. I build up all these images in my head when reading through the mouthwatering menu – and then ‘Doh!’ it turns out to be a nasty hyped up let down.
Workwise, we’re hoping that this week will be a lot calmer with more time to catch up on everday tasks. Spending some much time out of the office last week made me feel just a little bit anxious about all of our outstanding jobs.Today has been a good catch up session though. Without the normal weekday distractions like phone calls, printers getting jammed, the franking machine running out of ink etc you can get quite a surprising amount of work done!Our main projects at the moment are launching our savoury trays & drumming up sales for them. We have a meeting with a PR company on Wednesday to help us to get press coverage. We will also be finalising details for Japan & doing a fair bit of continued ‘handholding’ for newer whole sale customers. Newer customers need lots of attention & support in order to maximise sales & get the most out of our range.
Animal wise- no dramas recently which is a wholly good thing. Equines are munching through their carrots like a fury. We are having some name paques painted for their barn doors so when we have a Bee Shack day, visitors can go & meet them properly.
This Saturday is Bee Shack day- please do drop by for tea & cakes. Again, we are fully booked for lunch though which is really encouraging.Visitors will hopefully get to see some bird action.We’re getting lots of Blue Tits & Goldfinches eating from the old pheasant feeder we’ve hung up on the Bee Shack wall.
Hope you all have a great week to come.