Bumbleo Lift Off!

Hi there,
At last! we are ready to properly lift off with our new savoury line.Up until now we have still been tweaking them & refining various aspects:
is the blue cheese to strong? Shall we use fresh basil or high quality dried? Is the base fluffy enough, shall we add more egg? These are just some of the endless questions we’ve been asking ourselves & our panel of tasters. It has been a long old haul but definitely worth it.The first lot of orders are going out to wholesalers this week. If you are any where near Bournemouth, there will be samplings at the Catex show in the Bournemouth International Centre. Our wholesaler, Greenfields, will be handing pieces out. I think you might have to pay to get in if you are not trade though. The dates are 6-7th March.
A very good PR company from Sherborne is coming in this afternoon to discuss the launch of the BumbleO & the organisation of our Bumbleo party. The party theme is going to link with the packaging which includes leopardskin & neon pink. Just like Elton John’s diamonds and tiara party we’re aiming for high kitcsh-..maybe leopard speedos & pink leotard party? This event is for our trade customers/journalists/suppliers/Honeybuns team to get together & taste the product whilst listening to heavily cheesy music from circa 1984. It is planned for mid April & I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.
Other jobs for today include catching up on telephone calls to make. I’m still catching up on a bit of a backlog. It has been ace not to have to be out and about this week. I’ve just got a customer to see in London this Friday & I’m planning to do some market research whilst I’m there.We’ve been asked to make a bespoke product by one of our customers & I need to figure out what is currently out in the market place already. I’m also keen to start working with a local illustrator on some designs to pop onto our website- drawings of our animals & stuff-so I’m going to keep my eyes open for any such designs. Going to London for me is a bit like going to a sweety shop- design wise. My eyes are out on stalks most of the time,
The horses (from our vintage collection!) will be outside today as the weather is good and mild for them. I’m going to let the 2 ponies out into the front garden so they can nibble the grass down in there.
Hope you have a lovely day,
Em x