Wildlife Bonanza!

What a gorgeous day we had yesterday here at Naish Farm.The weather was just about perfect for feather, furry & human creatures.Our very tame male blue tit was having great fun flitting from bird feeder to cherry tree & calling cheekily to us in the office. Our office is made from converted pig stys (very Animal Farm) & we are fortunate to have found a huge old stable door to use as the office entrance. In warm weather like Tuesday, we keep the top half open & can enjoy all the avian acrobatics. We popped loads of fat balls out for the birds only last week & a lot of them have been nibbled away already. We’ll get cracking on replacing them asap.
Our whisky barrel water butts are now coming into their own. Nick used the collected water for some young trees he planted.They were 2 horse chesnut trees in loving memory of Katie (ex honeybuns team member) who sadly died a year ago this February. The trees will provide shelter for our old horses & ponies & will hopefully encourage even more flora & fauna back to the farm.We have also got a really sturdy picnic table inscribed with a message for Katie- Once the trees have grown we’ll pop it in the front field in their shade. At the moment the team use the table for their lunch & tea breaks in the Bee Shack garden.
The ponies were out in the garden yesterday, helping us with the lawn mowing. There is something incredibly calming about watching horses graze, nothing else matters to them other than where the next mouthful of grass is coming from-.if only things were that simple on planet human being.
Honey & I went for our regular run yesterday evening & took full advantage of the extended daylight. Training is just starting to crank up for us as we prepare for the Dorset Doddlers half Marathon in August.Honey will just be doing the 6 miles & she is having a veternary check up this afternoon just to make sure she is tickety boo for the distance.I’m waiting to have our Just Giving page set up for the run. All monies raised will go to Julia’s House Childrens Hospice -so if you’d like to, please do give generously. I’ll provide the online details once everything is confirmed. Whilst out on our run we didn’t spy any deer- was a bit too early , they tend to come out just as dusk falls.
Workwise: we have our export chap visiting this afternoon & I need to prepare an export strategy for him ??? Better had get on with that then. Our last ever hard copy of the Bee newsletter is just about ready for printing. For eco reasons we will only be producing an e-mail version after this final Easter edition. We are close to signing up with 3-4 larger UK companies this year, to supply their baked gluten free goods which is very exciting.It means we are getting closer to being able to design & build our dream eco bakery. I was reading about rooftop composting & turf roofs last night. We’re also planning the planting of deciduous trees to suround the first floor offices of the new bakery- to give the illusion of being in a tree house. With expert advice (Matt’s dad is handily an ornithologist- ) we will then site nest boxes & cameras so we can watch whilst we-work.
Visitors will then be able to enjoy all of this too.
Hope you have a great day & can get a bit of nature watching in
Em x