Aud’s Birthday party!

Well what another jam packed weekend! Friday was great. I went up to meet a customer in London (the buyer for a chain of tres trendy health food stores) & she was lovely!! It is rare that we have to deal with anyone really horrible- we tend to steer away from 1980s power broking organisations. Even so, this buyer was exceptionally welcoming & seemed to really understand where we are coming from with our products & ongoing product development. The office where we met was just off Oxford Street so I had half an hour to wander down nearby Carnaby Street & even popped into Liberty to get Audrey some posh chocolate for her Birthday- what a wonderful shop, my country bumpkin eyes were out on stalks!
I got home just in time to swing into supper party mode- stuffing things into the oven opening the red vin & thanking goodness it was Friday. Matt & I have both been feeling the pressure a bit with work lately. It is the same old business story- we are having to specualte quite a bit at the moment in order to (fingers crossed) accumulate a little bit further down the line. Sales are steadily increasing but we have a lot of ground to make up after having had a slower than average December.Cash flow is one heck of a worry right now. All should be OK in the end but the financial worry beomes a bit like the elephant in the room. There’s no point banging on about it but on the otherhand it never goes away from your thoughts for long.Aaarrrrrgh- the joys of running your own business!
Anyway, Friday was great- a mixture of friends old & new who all seemed to get on really well. Food turned out to be edible which is always a bonus. I did thai fishcakes to start & cheated by serving our new savoury BumbleO as a main with lots of creamy veggy gratins & bakes.Proper comfort food.
Saturday was all about gearing up for Audrey’s Birthday, her 75th. Aud has become a good friend & lives just down the lane. She pops up to help out in the Bee Shack & will only accept payment in cake. I did the party food & enjoyed doing something different from my normal pottering weekends. Her party was fab. Again a really cool mix of people in terms of age, background etc. I love things like that where there is an utter random mix. The only common denominators being guests are kind & up for a natter!
Aud’s house looked like an Interflora showroom with bouquets EVERYWHERE! It is her actual B-day today & I’m not entirely sure what to get are clearly out. I’ll be popping out to Sherborne later to see what I can fine. I think it’ll be garden orientated though.
On the Sunday morning I was woken with the words ‘Billy is out on the drive’. Billy is a big lad- 16 hands & the rest & the inner race horse in him was very evident yesterday. The wind was in his tail & he had rubbed open a gate to access pastures new. Ted (my bruv), Matt & I faced the howling rain & wind to round Billy the loon & the 2 ponies up. It was quite good fun actually & all ended well. There is little the equines will not do for a bucket of feed.I think I gave a certain prickly neighbour even more to moan about because at one point my dressing gown blew open-not an attractive sight. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll get over it.
This week workwise is going to be hectic. We are then off to Japan for a week to exhibit. I have not yet opened my Japanese etiquette & business practices book yet, so I’d better get a move on.Sometimes I think I’d get a lot more done for H’Buns if I curtailed some of our social activities-.but then life wouldn’t be as much fun would it?
Have a great day,