Matt & I had a lovely evening last night & it was a bit decadent for a ‘school’ night. Our pal Audrey who was 75 yrs old yesterday & John H joined us for Aud’s Birthday supper at the Grange in Oborne near Sherborne. The food was fantastic, I was quite taken aback. Baby carrots, courgette fritters,rosemary baby roast potatos, & I had a lush aubergine gratin with tomato. Matt managed to hoover up anything left over including olives, bread rolls, potatos- carbo King aka Matt. At 38 years old he can’t really maintain he is still growing but somehow still manages to excercise his boyish charm-
Nothing (foodwise) went to waste & we had a really nice time. I felt a bit guilty about having had so much social fun recently, especially when there is tonnes to do at work but I think it is a question of the old- life- work- balance.I feel kind of guilty this morning & motivated to do a little bit extra Honeybuns stuff today.
We are being visited by Sainsburys this Friday which is exciting but also quite scary. Richard, our maintenance lad is already making great progress on making the place look gorgeous for the visitors. Yesterday he was pressure washing the yard, pruning hedges & mowing the grass. Today he is popping up some nest boxes- all painted Honeybuns blue & much loved by our resident blue tits.As long as the visitors can get their heads around our rustic ‘Jimmy’s Farm’ style we’ll be fine.
Japan lift off is on Saturday!! Yikers!! It really is a bit of a leap into the unknown for us. The Honeybuns team clubbed together for Matt’s B- Day & bought him 2 x suitcases on wheels which he was really chuffed with.This means we’ll not be lugging rucksacks from our student days on the Tokyo underground. We’re collecting our promo banners for Japan today too & the banner guy said they looked stunning. We’ve gone for quite a full on design- very strong colours inc fuschia pink. I think it’ll be a love/hate Marmite situation when we dress the stand.
Wishing you a lovely day, hope no one is working too hard,I’m sure it is counterproductive-
Em xxx