American Export

We’ve just had an enquiry about exporting our cakes to Canada & the States which is hugely flattering but I think Matt- our amazingly logical resident genius will be busying figuring out our carbon footprint implications & just how many deciduous trees we’ll need to plant here on Naish Farm to make sure everything balnces out OK!
On the subject of wildlife, we have got some absolutely gorgeous blue tits nesting in one of our boxes. The male is like a little painted toy, I never seen one so brightly coloured & he is very protective & territorial. I’m so glad we have the dogs who do not bother the birds at all & they keep the area cat free. Much as I love cats, I could not bear to have avian casualties about the place. We now have lots of resident goldfinches (thanks to our operation goldfinch- leaving set aside strips of thistles for them), 2 wrens, 2 pied wagtails, a very friendly robin & lots of passing visitors. It’s great ‘commuting’ from the cottage to the office in the old chicken shed & getting dive bombed by all of these feathered creatures.With the sun out like it is this morning they are all singing their hearts out too- wonderful.
The aged equines will enjoy some sun on their backs today too. Joaney- our 36 yr old donkey is so clever. She works out her route to the field each morning & just follows me leading Sam. She never needs to be led. She is the one who stands at the gate at dusk hollering to come back to the barn for tea & bed. She was a little bit lame earlier in the year but she is back on track now & trots out happily. I’d love to eventually get a yard cam to pop on our website- you could then see all this bird & animal activity!
Back to work: Japan is on Saturday. I’m terrified of flying so I have my stash of G&Ts in a tin. Terrible I know, but I need one just to get onto the plane. Rescue Remedy just does not cut it in this instance- even if I did drink the whole bottle!
we have got our display banners for the stand & they look fantastic- really bold & quite a new style for us too.We’re also working on organising our BumbleO launch party which is in April.The invitations & the packaging designs look fab- all credit to Sara.We have also made good headway on sourcing some sensibly priced eco packaging which is great news. We’ll soon be baking in recycled cardboard rather than the foil trays.
Wishing you a beautifully sunny & productive day,
Em x