Eco Bakery Build

Most of this morning is going to be taken up with writing out various sets of animal care notes for this coming week when we are away! I’m not sure this would be well regarded as the optimim use of my time by business managment consultant types-
Fortunatley all of the Honeybuns team are mad about animals-it is almost a pre requisite for working with us.This means that Trish, Caroline, Richard & Sue will all be doing different shifts to sit with the dogs, take them out in the fields, feed them bribery cubes of cheddar & generally cuddle them all. Caroline & Trish will focus on the equines & make sure they get turned out on bright & sunny days.
We leave on Saturday and I need to start packing tonight really, I’m still in a bit of a daze about the reality of us going ‘out East’ & leaving the cosiness of our Dorset base.
I guess it is good practice to push the business forwards & to operate outside of our comfort zones.
We are gearing up for our visit from Sainsburys tomorrow which is 11.15 am. There will be 4 guests & we have an itinerary planned. Again, it is good to be put under a bit of pressure from time to time & we all have to work extra hard before a visit to make sure everything runs smoothly.
We are getting closer to finding an architect for our new eco bakery which we are hugely excited about. Depending on how sales go this year, building could start as early as this summer. This will increase our production capacity by 5 or 6 times so we need to be pretty darn sure before we make the decision.We will still be a tiny bakery by industry standards but we will be able to segregate our dairy free, gluten free & savoury gluten free production zones more efficiently.We are working with our external HACCP team leader & food safety consultant on the best lay out for the new bakery.It helps enormously that Angela is a coeliac herself & has first hand experience of the implications of not getting cross contamination controls absolutely spot on. She is a true delight to work with & we’ll be seeing a lot more of her over the next few months.
I think that is a wrap for today,
Have a Super Spring Day,
Em x