Newsletter Frenzy

Please forgive the lateness in writing my blogule, especially to Ted who was breathing hard down my neck yesterday. Ted, I am a BUSY Exceutive!!! I can’t just put my Boden catalogue down the very moment you snap your fingers! Honestly! It’s like Alan Sugar’s boardroom in our office, let me tell you-not a moment to think.
Matt & I went off to see his dad & family in Rock at the weekend & had a lush dush time spent running along the sand dunes.The sad fact is that at 65 years old, Matt’s dad is considerably fitter than Matt or I. We were already flagging at 3 miles- pitiful, but it was really hilly & sandy. John then pointed out to a blurry distant headline & said ‘that’s my usual route’ a tidy 9 mile round trip. We managed 5 & we’re still aching now.
We also visited the much fabled Pad-Stein just across the water on the ferry & generaly pootled around admiring Rick’s foodie emporiums. We loved the building housing his deli- all industrial chic with a mix of breeze blocks, metal sheet roofing & weathered, silvered timber planking.
I had always thought Rock would be unbearably yahooo but it was surprisingly quiet, bearing in mind the beautiful weather. I find it brill to people watch any way- It’s not as if we have to actually interact. There definitely is a super dooper aristo gene pool of very long legs, very long blonde hair & voices that can carry across lacrosse fields & they were evident, but it was definitely low season. Gracie informed me that these thoroughbred characterisitcs do get fairly overbearing in Rock in August. I’m quite tempted to go-.too good a people watching opportunity to miss.
Back to work.Monday was a little frenetic. We’re still playing catch up after our trip away the other week. There are missed team meetings which we need to catch up on & I needed to write the team newsletter & the customer version too in a bid to get them out next week. The BumbleO launch party is looming & there is a certain amount of artwork that needs to be finished before the BumbleO packaging can be printed. The aim is to get all of this done & dusted before the 19th of April.
Somehow I managed to get a good start on mailing out the Bee Hop VIP invites too yesterday which is a bonus. I worry like crazy about all aspects of Honeybuns: am I doing enough on sales? on building the team? How do we protect our recipes & ideas? are we green enough? etc etc. So getting something apparently simple like a invitation mail shot completed, is hugely satisfying. It feels like things can get sorted out bit by bit.
The rest of the week is already quite full. We have a meeting on Wednesday with our new prospective international sales mgr followed by a meeting in Nottingham with a large retailer on Thursday- exciting! Sainsburys are coming to visit again in a couple of weeks time which is good because we can prepare for it as if it is a full on audit. They are conducting a technical inspection & our team are excellent at handling themselves under such pressure.
Animal wise- everyone is happy. We have the vet boooked in on Wednesday to see Rosie, our very ancient pony. She lost a lot of weight over the winter & we want to get her checked out & figure out the best next steps for her.I’m going to pop both ponies in the garden today. They can scratch & rub on the apple trees & enjoy all the grass.
Hopefully you will have a cracking week.
I’ll try & write again mid week & let you know how Rosie gets on.
Em x