Naughty Weekend!

Well, Matt & I were supposed to be all productive over the weekend with plans to finish the lime plastering & white washing of our cottage guest bedroom-possibly one of the longest running DIY projects in Dorset! Matt did a good job of starting this task on Saturday morning whilst I took Audrey out shopping & for a bit of a drive up to Bulbarrow for the view.
Everything looked good, Matt had his 1980s DIY jeans on & was convincingly be splattered with paint when I left. When I returned at lunchtime-.Ted (my little bruv) had arrived for a surprise visit. Matt & Ted were tucked into their second real ale of the day & it was the beginning of a donwnhill slope to debauchery really.
I was not entirely innoncent as I sipped a G&T or 2 & frittered away a glorious Spring afternoon on the sofa watching Harry Potter on Sky Plus. It felt like being a student again & it was LOVELY! All my best laid plans about catching up with work went out of the window as I snuggled down to do nothing- I think this kind of chilling out time is absolutely essential once in a while to counterbalance the stresses of business!
Matt & Ted went out that night to meet up with Dorset friends Nick & Nigel. I went to bed only to wake at 3 am thinking my GOD they didn’t go clubbing in Yeovil did they?? Two reasons for my utter dismay:
1. They are too old
2. Yeovil is not for the fainthearted & I was really worried about them.
They came in giggling like Japanese schoolgirls , absolutley mish mashed. Ted had pulled, but not in the way he had intended. Apparently there was a young man who rather took a fancy to Ted- straight as a Roman Road- Milne & pursued him for most of the night.Much rib tickling was then done on the Sunday by Matt & I.
Well back to work & appearing to be a sensible adult again.
Today I’m following up on our Japanese importers/wholesalers. I need to get some e-mails translated so it all takes a bit longer sorting things out but there is hope at the end of the export tunnel! Once we actually get an order paid for and shipped it should start to become a lot easier. The Japanese importer will hopefully be persuaded that we are not entirely flakey & hippy dippy-
We’re gathering momentum on the organisation of our Bee Hop music & arts festy. Letters are going out to all the bands with fliers & stuff for them to distribute. Artists are being pinned down to commit-never an easy task & the marquees are booked.The marvellous boys from the Events Crew are up for serving cocktails as well as real ale which promises to be good fun!
Animals will be out in the sunshine today, Joaney, our 38 year old donkey loves sunbathing & trundling around the paddock- she is such a poppet.
If you fancy coming to the Bee Shack this Saturday it is open 11am -5 pm. Lunches are fully booked again but please do drop by for coffee/tea & cake if you are around.You can see Joaney too!
Em x