Easter Frolics


I hope everyone had a luscious Easter. We were out and about a little bit before the weekend. We took Honey up to Grimsby to visit my dad & his lurcher Banjo. We had a terrific time on the beach & walked for miles in the sunshine watching all the ships out in the Humber. The dogs played themselves out & we ate fish & chips Alfresco- blissful.
We also travelled further up North to Chorley to see one of our wholesalers. We have only spoken on the phone & it was great to finally meet Paul, Yanek, Gill & the team.We really enjoyed it & we now need to start helping them with samples of new products & sending up more of our point of sale materials. Note to dreamy self: ‘do not get distracted by watching birds nesting from my blogging window. Focus on getting samples sorted!!!’
Othernews: we had friends to stay on the weekend & we walked, drank too much wine, ate too much food & had a great bonfire in the garden. Tip: if you happen to find an old washing machine- take the drum out & find an old car wheel hub. The drum should fit most hubs perfectly. Voila! A ready made fire basket which you can also fry steaks/fish etc on around the rim. We use them for warmth & light at our Bee Hop festival & they kick out a lot of relatively safe heat.
We were planning to go to the beach but we ended up around the fire chatting & playing with the dogs- it was sooo simple & cosy.
Workwise we are gearing up for a visit from Sainsburys next week & also the BumbleO launch party in the Bee Shack. So lots to sort out. Most pressing today is to get the artwork for our BumbleO finalised & sent to the printers.
I’m trying not to get distracted by the teeming birdlife but will give you an update later in the week. We’ll be fixing up some cameras soon & linking them to the website.
Have a great week,
Em x