HIgh Dining-full tummy

Matt & I were treated to a gorgeous meal by our friend Audrey last night. It felt really decadent going out on a Wednesday evening to Plumber Manor in the sleepy heart of Dorset.It is unique & off beat with lots of well worn grandeur and memories of shooting parties & hunt meets-The house is Jacobean and you can stay overnight as well as eat there. You are welcomed by a black labrador or two depending on whereabouts they are. You can then sink into a large armchair, nibble of mini cheese on toasties & sip a home measure of anything you fancy-bliss.
Our meal was lovely & the company was relaxing & non work related. We talked & dreamed of travelling more, especially to Canada, and of camping in the wilderness- all good escapism!
Back to reality: today I need to get mylazy backside into gear on the whole Bee Hop publicity thing. With only 3 months to go, I have to start making calls & sending out Bee Hop fliers & posters perrrrronnto. Please do spread the word about our gorgeous festival to anyone nice you know who would find amusement in sitting in a deckchair with Pimms listening to music & watching the world go by-
Bird/wildlife watching is strictly off the menu today- I MUST GET my BEE HOP stuff done- stern note to self!!!
Hope you have a fab day,
Em x