Launch Party

I’m so glad it is the weekend. Had a bit of a topsy turvy week & didn’t really hit my stride workwise.There is a lot going on at the moment & not always enough time to just think things through quietly.I tend to vastly underestimate the time needed to plan things. Our BumbleO launch party is a case in point. I have procrastinated on actually figuring out the menu, the decorations etc but this morning, in the quiet & calm of my blogging den I’ve figured out the canapes, drinks & ordered the leopard print bow ties for our waiters. The BumbleO packaging in hot pink & leopard skin hence the bow ties-we’ve even got leopard print balloons & Peggy will be wearing her hot pink T shirt- so all will be co ordinated.
So, it’s not rocket science, but somehow in the day to day hurly burly of the office I do tend to get mind fogs & wheel spin which is kind of annoying when there is so much to do.I think the constantly ringing telephones have a lot to answer for. My ears are laways flapping too in case I miss some vital detail.
I’m going to capitalise on quiet time this weekend & try to get as much work done as possible.The phone is out of earshot & I’m going to go into all out Nerd mode.
Wishing everyone a lovely weekend,
Em x