Product Launch Party

Hi there,
Well-.I’m not so sure I got as much virtuous work stuff done at the weekend. Reading my last blog on Sat morning I was all fired up to do lots of catching up-it kind of fell by the wayside with the lovley weather & an invitation to go girlie clothes shopping with a dear friend- it would have been very rude not to accept.It was great fun, we went to all the cheapie places & I managed to find a leopard print ish, dress-tunic thing for the Bumbleo launch do on well as some other random stuff cortesy of New Look. I’m possibly entering mutton dressed as lamb territory in such fashion Emporiums- but who really minds? If it makes an older lady happy- then it can’t be an entirely bad thing?
I also bought a load of market stall plants including pansies, geraniums, pinks- all the usual suspects. I had a really relaxing early Saturday evening planting them out into our bakery yard pots & barrels & things are beginning to look quite nice & up & together.
Sunday was the cottage’s turn to receive some TLC & Matt & I got our lime wash -lime plaster double act back into action. We have to finish the end bedroom ready for guests & are on a mission (Matt is much more dedicated & hardworking on it than me)to get is sorted for when our friends come to stay-this weekend-! It will be mainly done by then but we’ll still have to do another whole weekend on it I think.
I think this week the main focus is necessarily going to be on our Sainsburys visitors on Thursday daytime plus the BumbleO Party prep. for Thursday evening.
We also have 10 visitors over from Ireland on Wednesday morning which we can use as a dry run for our big day on Thursday.
I’ll let you know how it all goes,
Have a great week,
Em x