Launch Party a go-GO!

I hope everyone is having a great week. We had our launch party for the BumbleO last night & we loved it. Our team were magnificent & replendent in their outfits of hot pink & leopard skin- Aaron stole the show with an inapropriate but strangely VERY appropriate leopard skin posing pouch-.he seemed to blossom & gain in confidence as the evening wore on-
We had a lot of help from Positive PR who did a fantastic job & even got the tea towels out at the end of the night to dry up!
We had a good turn out of people from the village, customers, old friends & suppliers- a really good mixture & everyone seemed to have a good time. The weather was perfect & we spread a few picnic blankets out in the Bee Shack garden.Matt was magnifique behind the bar, but the star of the show, as always, was Peg in her hot pink (naturally) security T Shirt. She took her role very seriously & was operating a strict ‘one in one out policy’. During the day yesterday we had a visit from Sainsburys so in all in all it was pretty hectic. The ladies from JS seemed to like our bakery & food safety systems a lot & kept on saying they had not expected a proper farm & bakery set up.We were pleased to hear this because we’ve tried to be careful to keep it looking real & farm like- not just another industrial/commercial building replacing what was already there.
Today I’m having a little bit of time out of the office. I’m going to catch up on some work e-mails & phone calls in my blogging den & then our friends, Derek & Caroline are coming to visit for the weekend.
I’ll have to get the cottage looking half decent.
The weather is looking good for tomorrow so I think we’ll head for a river somewhere & take a picnic-
Wishing you a fab weekend,
Em xx