Donkey Magic

Gosh it has been a hectic little week this one! Yesterday was especially jam-packa-roonied with different tasks & dealines. Great fun, but I need to sit quietly in a corner & catch up with typing up notes & making sense of everything.
We interviewed a super lady yesterday to come & help us in the office with customer account managment & phone work. she is experienced & appears calm & organised so I’m hoping she’ll be a ying to my yang-or is it t’other way round?
Trish was working like a fury yesterday on following up on the BumbleO savoury launch we are in the middle of.We’ve got a couple of large wholesalers to stock it this week which I’m really pleased about. I just need to try & get a couple of large retailers to take the plunge & others tend to then follow.Rosie, Trish, Os & I are well over due for an office meeting today so we can go through strategies for next week. We need to keep pushing the product & giving it lots of help to get established- a bit like teaching a kiddie to ride a bike- lots of energy required & things feel a bit out of control to begin with-
Jonathon , our friendly food photographer, spent the day taking really cool pictures of the farm, Bee Shack, products & iddy biddy details like my gran’s duck egg blue Kenwood mixer. I can’t wait to see them when he sends the disc back. We’re going to overhaul the website & pop them on there. We realise our website is not terribly commercial- no surprises there- it looks more like an animal rescue centre. We want to keep the charm but perhaps make it a little more obvious that we sell cakes too!
Training for the office staff has been the priority this week & we’ve got more to do today in between making calls to customers.This afternoon, Matt & I need to make our case for the Bee Hop Festival in the hop of securing some grant money.We have to do a little presentation & it is quite nerve wracking. If we could get the money it’ll really benefit the festival & our team of helpers- it would enable the Bee Hop to grow a little bit more & for us to focus more on the arts & new sculpture workshop for kiddies.
My head is already whirring- where to start, what to do first???
I think I’l make a nice cup of tea & go & scratch Koaneys neck (donkey) for 5 mins. She’ll probably tell me what to do in her own little way!!
Wishing everyone a fab weekend,