Mega Work Weekend

Halloo to everyone,
For the first time, possibly ever, I can look back at last weekend & say I got some constructive things done-I think it was partly a build of guilt. Each weekend I promise myself I’ll catch up on orrible jobs over which I’ve been procrastinating for ever.
This time I actually got them done which is a weight off my mind. During the week there is so much other stufff going on, telephone calls, enquiries to sort out there & then, team training & briefings- all the iddy biddy stuff gets pushed to the back of my mental drawer.
I’ve caught up on a lot of updates & tweaks for our Honeybuns website as well as getting more Bee Hop Festival promo work done- sending press releases off to the relevant people & sorting the design of some bee Hop adverts for the local press.
This week we’re aiming to get through more training in the office- the team is super & I need to focus on becoming more organised & lead by example!!I’m out & about a bit this week with meetings later today & up to Chester on Thursday.As long as I remember my large paper cup of coffee to pop in the truck before I leave, I’ll be fine.
We’re just about to send our first order out to Japan which is hugely exciting- we won’t actually count our chickens until the ship reachesport though!
Animal wise- equines are getting quite plumptious with all the lush grass they have to feast on. The canines are as mad & soppy as ever. Honey has been running with me for 3 days on the trot so we’re both having a rest day today. As soon as she seems/smells my trainers she is bounding about like a pogo stick!
Wishing you a great start to the week,
Em x