Festival Fever

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.I’ve been on a round robin trip from Dorset to Newcastle & back to see all my brothers & their gorgeous children. It was fab, also managed to fit some half marathon training in amidst the vin rouge testing that obviously took up a bit of time as well.My brother Dunc & his wife Jenny are really talented gardeners & have got a luscious & verdant veggie plot bursting to goodness.I’m inspired to hop on ‘tinter net’ & order some more seeds. I’ve planted some courgettes out but I’d really like to have a go at growing some aubergines-I’ll have to read up on them & see if they can be planted outside in a sunny place-
I’m now missing the oooodles of cuddles I got from my beautiful nieces, Jenny & Lisa. They are complete poppetts & I LOVE YOU BOTH VERY VERY MUCH & ANGUS TOO xxxxxxx
We’re getting quite revved up about going to Glastonbury with our mobile Honeybuns cafe -it’s only a few weeks away now-.I’m going to try very hard to detox until then in preparation.We were hoping to go to the dance tastic Sunrise Festival at the end of this month too but I think we need to pace ourselves a bit-Glasto, Guilfest & The Bee Hop are quite close together this year & we are getting quite old & doddery- our recovery time is getting longer & messier!
Preparations for the Bee Hop are now well under way & the bands are all confirmed-very ,very exciting. We’ve had lots of interest from people up for coming. We’re going to work hard to keep the ‘private party’ feel to it though. If we go above 1000 people it would be too much.
This week I’ve got a Waitrose meeting tommorrow & then we’re off to visit a Cafe trade show on Thursday up in London- this will be a good opportunity for Charlotte & I to have a look around at what else is out there in terms of cakes. There is a whole lot more competition & we need to keep pressing forwards with all of our new ideas. We are going to be launching some brand new & tres funky portion sizes & lines in the New Year. The savoury BumbleO brand will also be getting some TLC.
The rest of the week is going to be sales sales sales. We’ve got a lot of work to do right now to ensure the rest of the year is a success & the next thing we need to get sorted is our Christmas packaging-Eeeeek!
Wishing you a fab week,
Em x