I hope everyone is set for a good weekend.
I’ve been quite busy this week with fixing up meetings with existing customers & establishing contact with new ones. It seems to be paying dividends as we have a lot of orders coming in for the next couple of weeks which is a sign that our year is beginning to really take off. It is soooo nerve wracking running a small business like ours, you never quite know how things are going to pan out in terms of longterm orders etc.I guess if you need security you wouldn’t be in business so I shouldn’t grumble.
Charlotte & I had a good, productive time in London on Thursday- we went to the Caffe show to have a look around & we were relived to see that there was not any real competition around to worry us unduly. I get incredibly paranoid about if anyone is copying us & if we need to change the way we are doing things- again, this all comes with the territory of running your own thing- it is quite obsessive!
Today -Sunday Matt & I have a stand at the Waitrose food Festival at Leckford. It was supberb today, we managed to chat to lots of our customers & had a really good time. Our cakes sold out in the early afternoon so we are going to restock for tomorrow.
We’ve also got another show on Bank Holiday Monday at the Sherborne Castle Fair- I’m very grateful that Trish & Rosie are doing this one- much as I love the shows I think 4 days on the trot would be a bit much. I think Monday will be spent pottering and catching up on loose ends. I’m going to have to fit some half marathon training in at some stage & a bit of gardening if the weather is not too grim!
Wishing everyone a great Bank Holiday weekend!
Em x