Ola Sunshine!

Hello everyone!
Well we’ve just recovered form the final Bee Hop ever! For those of you who have not been Bee hoppa-ed before, The Bee Hop is a little festival which is set up as a separate fundraising eventa. We used to have a little house party every year & then the event morphed into a mini charity raising festival. All monies are donated to local good causes. Honeybuns are a main sponsor & it takes place here at Naish Farm, home of the Honeybuns Bakery.
We had lots of incredibly generous sponsors & volunteers this year & we’d like to thank everyone including- The Sherborne Lions, The National Childbirth Trust, The Dorset Doddlers, Moormead Leisure, Sprinter Couriers, South West Packaging, Stable Design & Positive PR for all their wonderous help.
It was the last Bee Hop to be held here. Matt & I were really wiped out by the behind the scenes logisitcs etc & we’re both in favour of taking a long holiday from it all & perhaps re inventing our original house party format with a ticket only, kiddie friendly event in the garden- far simpler & it takes account of our advancing years!
We do not yet know how much we raised for charity but there were 1000 people this year desopite the HORRENDOUS WEATHER conditions so we were very pleased but also incredibly sad for all those people who got flooded out in Gloucestershire-how horrible that must be & to not be certain that it will not happen again.It gets all of our petty worries into perspective.
We’ve just about cleaned everything down following on from Bee hop day. Everything got soooo incredibly muddy & we’ve just managed to save all our pretty Cath Kidston parasols & home made baby blue cushions from the post festival debris!
Our next project is the Sturminster Half Marathon this Sunday-gulp!! Matt has done loads of training, our dog Honey is mega fit- it’s just me who is out of condition & a bit nervous. Oh well it’ll soon all be over & if the weather is nice we’ll be having a big post run picnic with all our friends. We’re then off on a whistle stop tour of the UK in our Bongo camper van which we managed to decide on after many months of searching. I’m sooo excited. We’re making gorgeous floral cushion covers & curtains for it at the moment & we just need to find an awning & we’ll be off into the sunset. The idea is to catch up with all our farther flung friends in the UK.
Roll on lots of nice sunny weather for us all.
See you soon,
Em xx