Half Marathon News

Halloo there,
We all thoroughly enjoyed doing the Sturminster Half Marathon which was brilliantly organised by the Dorset Doddlers running Club. Inspite of the blisteringly hot weather we all managed to get round quite comfortably- I put it down to the serious carbo loading we did the night before.Matt was predictably the quickest with a time of 2hrs1 min & Em & Mal came in at 2hrs 10.Matt’s pa, John & Rak came in just a bit later on & we haven’t got their times yet. It was quite a testing course with lots of hills & one MEGA hill right at the end which was a bit of a killer. Lots of people had rigged up hose pipe ‘showers’ for us runners as we went by which was lush in the midday heat!
Honeybuns were proud to sponso the run & we’d love to support it again & run it again. I’ve never really bothered about getting a reasonable time before & I was pleasantly surprised that I got round in one piece. It’s motivated me to get a bit more training on hills done in readiness for the Great South run in October. There’ll be a mini Honeybuns team of the 4 of us for that one.
After the run we went down to Lulworth for a swim & good pub slap up meal at the Weld Arms. I ate my fish & chips without looking up, not very ladylike but I was not in the mood to be separated from my much needed post half marathon carbs!!
On the beach we heard some loud avian screeching. When we looked up to the cliff tops we saw 2 peregrine falcons which was a real treat.The beach looked beautiful in the late evening sun & even better after a Hall & Woodhouse Golden Champion Ale-
Honey, our Ridgeless Ridgeback mascot came with us & went into the sea for the very first time. We were careful she did not go too deep though as the water suddenly gets really deep at Lulworth.She loved all the attention which was lavished on her at the pub afterwards.
Workwise this week, all feels relatively calm & I’m concentrating on team training- we’re writing a new handbook plus the ongoing rebranding work with Sara & the setting up of our brand new Honeybuns Club- this is for private fans of Honeybuns who’ll be invited to events on the farm, sent tasting samples & given a 10% off Honeybuns card- genius! But I’d better crack on & get it sorted out!
Thanks for reading & wishing you a lovley week ahead.
Em xx