HIll Running

Well this week’s been very interesting- we’re still quite elated from our Stur Half Marathon on Sunday. After completing it & downing a few ales with our picnic we found a flyer had been popped under our truck wind screen for another run- ‘The Coffin Dodgers Dash’.It sounded intriguing & it turns out to be a very humorous running club called the ‘Coffin Dodgers’ who are organsiing an 8 mile cross country race. We’re up for it & will be runnning it with Mal & Rak, our buddies, on Sunday 23rd Sept. Pls check out for more info.
Aside from the running we’ve been busy with our team training for the bakery. This invloves looking hard at how we do things & trying to get everybody that bit more involved in what we do & why. Our team meetings have become alot more fun & inclusive since we started asking everybody to contribute rather than me holding forth & ranting solo for 20mins.
The bottom line is, we are a small business & we want to be really good at what we do & we want people to enjoy working here & to feel truly part of a team-may sound a bit twee but it really is not about the filthy lucre ££ for us.
Weatherwise we’ve been utterly spoilt this week with fabulous sunbeams shooting off all over the place except for yesterday when it consistently peeed it down. This evening is just glorious.The sun is still really strong & streaming in through our office stable door. All our beloved pets inc dogs, horse, ponies, goats & donk are loving the sunshine & the uber lush grass (thanks to all the July rain). They are much chubbier than usual for August & they all look lovley with it.Thank goodness I’ve been offered 20 large round bales of hay for the winter. Owing to the rain hay is in really scarce supply & we get through loads of it with all the equines. It’s been a worry so thank you very much to Trish & Dave for sorting me out on that one!
Matt & I will be off camping in our little camper van soon. First stop gate crashing my bruv & girlfriends romantic weekend away in Poole- we’re going to meet them on the Friday night & we;re really looking forward to it.
Wishing everyone a lovley evening & remaining week,
Em xx