Reggae Festival

I hope everyone has had a lovley sunbeam-enriched weekend.
Matt & I had a bit of a laidback Friday & stayed in to watch a Sky Plus of Midsummer Murders- it was a bit of a tragic waste of a beautiful summer’s evening but we were totally k- nackered from a full on week. Work has been great but quite challenging with lots of cerebal tasks needing attention after the madness of the Bee Hop has died down a bit.
Matt has been focusing on how best to invest in new equipment to improve our efficency. We believe we cannot automate/spoil anything in the bakery. The whole point of Honeybuns is that everything is truly handmade, but there is scope for making the packing side of things more high tech & speedy. Matt is therefore currently looking into more modern flow wrap machines & super sonic cake cutting devices which will hopefully see us in good stead for getting more orders out on time in the run up to this Christmas. I’ve been putting some work into creating our brand new ‘Honeybuns Club’ which we’re hoping will enable us to listen to our consumer customers more & take on board suggestions in order to improve everything we do.At the moment, because all of our cakes are distributed for us by wholesalers- we are in danger of losing contact with the end consumer. By creating a club and inviting our end customers to join we’ll hopefully bridge the communication gap.
Back to non worky things- on Saturday we mosied down to the Godsplash Festival which was a one off, 3 day fundraiser with camping, laid back reggae tunes & some hard nocturnal partying! We just went for the Sat afternoon & just wished we could have stayed longer- the setting was utterly idyllic- in its own mini valley just outside Milborne Port, Dorset. The weather was perfect for sipping a chilled lager ,flopping in the grass & -.drifting off!Apparently the party on Friday night was phenomenal & went on til sunrise- I felt a bit sheepish about our date with John Nettles- but Matt & I were never exactly going to be hardcore-
Sat evening we had a supper date with our lovley friends Frank & Sylvia who let us clamber all over their motorhome- we’ve bought a little camper- a Bongo so we’re a bit obsessed with camping storage solutions/swivelling chairs & awning details at the mo- Frank & Sylvia were happy to indulge our anorakey stylie passions & gave us tips on how to stop your crockery rattling in transit.
Today has been spent catching up with home renovations & checking that the animals are all OK. Joaney our beloved donkey has been inviting herself into our Bee shack cafe/team room. She loves it in there & stands underneath the pink, fluffy Bee shack parasol. We have to be really careful to shut the door to keep her out- much to her annoyance.
This week is the last week before we go on hols for a fortnight in the Bongo. We’re going to be busy Bees getting everything ship shape & set up for the rest of the team to carry on in our absence.We’ll be docking into intercafes during our Bongo whistle stop tour of the UK so we’ll still be able to communicate with the Honeybuns team & see if all is well with the animals too.I’ll be able to blog a bit too.
Hope everyone is well & enjoying the great weather
Much Love,
Em xx